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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Introducing the Twelve Days of Christmas for Mental Health, in Official Launch Event for #RedefiningResilience Campaign

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Launch Party this Thursday at 1of1 Designs, Teddington
It's my last week of work before Christmas and I definitely need some rest over the holiday. I'm crawling to the finish line!

 Christmas for me is wonderful, magical, musical, full of light, punctuated by laughter and probably includes Far Too Much Food. It can also be overwhelming, lonely, sad, dark, cold and frightening if my mental health is poor.

To try to explain this, I've created the "Twelve Days of Christmas" for mental health. Starting tomorrow, I'll be creating a short video diary each day up until (and including) Christmas Day to talk a little about what I'm doing and how I'm feeling in relation to my mental health. My depression and anxiety are usually quite up and down at this time of year, so whatever happens in the next twelve days, I'll speak honestly about how I'm feeling and hopefully help to shed light on what mental health problems can be like at Christmas, from my personal perspective.

Please watch the 'trailer' below to find out more

Redefining Resilience Campaign...The Twelve Days of Christmas 
(for me, living with mental health problems)

This is also in the week that my campaign Redefining Resilience has its launch party, in aid of Mind. Please come along to the launch event if you can, which is THIS THURSDAY in Teddington at 1of1 Designs from 5-9pm. (Poster above.)

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