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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Christmas Card for You. Thank You for Being There This Year.

My year in pictures as a Mosaic. And what a year.

Tonight at a single voice will sing the opening lines of the carol "Once in Royal David's City". Among all the 'panic Saturdays' and 'feral' complaints of the season as shoppers completely forget to show any kindness or mercy while pushing one another out of the way to get to that last Elsa doll, or that last packet of sage.

A Christmas Thank You from me.

I was once that single voice as a child in my home town Cathedral in Nottingham, and it was magical - that was the magic that people chase after at Christmas. Being part of something bigger than me; the music of Christmas eve. Today I have a lot of people to say thank you to, so above I've recorded a short message. Thank you very much for your reading and your support this year to all my fantastic friends and family. It has been quite the year and I am grateful to be here in spite of its events.

As everyone posts their Year in Facebook or takes advantage of the many other programmes that do this, we are all reflecting on our years to date and the events and choices that have shaped it. The above words are the messages of support I received from people during my worst ever period of depression, in July 2014, and although I still find it hard to hear the words properly because I'm not good at supporting myself, I am so grateful to the people who took the time to say them. 

Our Christmas bookshelves. Thank you for all the cards.

Being prepared for Christmas for me is easy, even if the run up to Christmas isn't. Our flat is warm, our tree and lights are up and we have our food, films, and one another ready to enjoy the season with our own home-made, private traditions. We are very lucky.

If you're stuck for that one last gift, please consider a donation to one of the many deserving mental health charities - Mind, Sane, the Mental Health Foundation - or to the Guardian Christmas appeal which this year will donate to many other unique and special mental health charities. Take care. 

Donate to the Guardian Christmas Appeal here.

Have a healthy, happy, peaceful Christmas everyone. Love, Jessica

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