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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Snow Joke

Began to worry on my flight out of Dulles when I was seated next to a pilot. I wasn't in the cockpit luckily, this was just a pilot taking a rest flight between the last and next hop, when he would actually be flying the plane. (And just in case anyone's worried there was, luckily, another pilot at the helm.) My pilot kept updating his colleague on the state of the weather. Words like: delay, snow, blizzard, cancellation, no way, awful, were not the soothing lullaby I might have hoped for.

After a long delay taxiing and then finally, de-iced, flying out, I was indeed stuck in NYC for the night, with all flights out of La Guardia cancelled. No choice, really, then, but to try to get to know my surroundings...

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

A beautiful clear sky, bright sunshine and only the mildest of biting winds accompanied me on my walk through Brooklyn to the Brooklyn Bridge, and over into the sprawling metropolis. Past the men selling knock off Rolexes on Canal Street, past the myriad noodle bars, Chinese supermarkets and stalls up to 1st Ave between 10th and 11th street to lunch Mecca.

Or Momofuku as it's better known to me. Two words: steamed buns. Hunger is not a requirement for these delicious delicacies, and they were the perfect antidote to my freezing cold temperature after the five mile walk there. Also was joined by Kate Hudson for lunch, which was an added bonus. Not sure she realised who I was though.

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